Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finishing up 15mm SYW Austrians

I dedicated last night to finishing my 15mm SYW Austrians.  I painted up a whole bunch of guns and artillery crew.  All that is need is to spray and seal the figures this morning.  I have mixed feelings about this project.  Thankfully, it's done.  And I'll be able to game with my new 15mm SYW Austrian army.  But the effort to achieve this results has frayed my nerves.  I didn't like painting 15mm figures that were already based.  That is how I painted my 15mm armies in the past.  By basing and then priming them.  I did that 15mm Napoleonic Bavarians, 15mm Samurai, and 15mm Franco-Prussian armies.  I have found myself on the losing end of the 15mm scale.  What I gained in economies of scale was lost on all effort to paint 15mm SYW armies.  The amount of detail is rather demanding.  I don't know if I'm just getting more set my ways on painting and make sure everything is as realistic as possible. 

There's a fine line between historical accuracy and obsession.  Most people really don't care what the figures actually had for a particular uniform.  Many of my references have come such places as the SYW Project, the Leuthen Journal, and Osprey MAA series.  I have only myself to blame for collecting and painting SYW armies in 15mm.  I could have done them in 28mm.  I think it would have been much more enjoyable.  I enjoy painting that scale and most of my figures are 28mm. 

I debated whether to take and break and lay off painting for a while.  I thought I'd finish up some Thousand Son Terminators.  I also primed some Thousand Son Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Space Marine Assault troops. With 40K, there are officially approved color schemes.  But there is also leeway in what you might want to paint.  Thousand Son are normally blue and gold.  But you could use any shade of blue with any metallic color.  So long as a nominal paint scheme is abided by, you can pretty do anything you like.  That is one of the advantages of GW's games.  I don't love the 40K fluff.  I just like the models, paint schemes, and the game.  I do know the "fluff" but I don't see advantage in being mesmorized by it. 

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