Monday, December 17, 2012

2013 Plans

I looked at Sapper Joe's blog this evening.  I laughed.  My pile of unpainted lead and plastic is slowly being painted.  Sapper Joe is hopeless.  I don't have a lead mountain range in my basement.  I just have a couple of boxes of unassembled and based miniatures in need of painting.  However, I still have a lot of stuff.  And I spent the past two weeks organizing books.  The bookshelves are about full.  I am in need of an ereader for for future literary purchases. 

I do have to make some decisions for myself.  Do I continue with WH40K next year?  Do I scrap it and sell the figures off?  Do I just keep going with what I have?  Should I primarily focus on historicals, instead of playing 40K?  What do I do about my WHFB armies?  I'm not playing right now.  They are painted and complete.  I have some more metal 28mm High Elves that are unassembled.  I also have some more Chaos barbarians.  I haven't played Warhammer fantasy in months.  But I have armies painted for other things.  I tried selling them locally.  No one moved on them.  So I just kept the figures...

I'm taking a break from my 28mm FPW Chasseurs d'Afrique light cavalry regiment.  I should get done with them tonight.  Afterward, I'm wondering what to do next.  I have unfinished 40K armies in need of painting and assembly.  I am tired of dealing with Games Workshop.  Kind of like a crack addict gets tired of dealing with their pusher.  The last GW item I bought was back in October with the new Dark Vengeance box set.  I have the new Chaos Space Marines codex to deal with.  And I have to update all my army lists for my four various factions.  I guess it could be worse.  I could be playing Warmachine.

I might just shelve my 40K stuff for a while and continue working on 28mm FPW armies.  I do have more 25mm Trojan War armies coming in the mail this week or next.  I might just make the leap and eventually close out my 40K armies for historical wargaming.  The problem is I'm now gaming with 40K players.  No one is making a move to game historicals.  I know GW will have another price increase next year.  And the cost of their models is getting too much for me to handle.  I don't like the way the system is going.  I hear my friends complain about it.  But no one seems to do too much about it.  I feel like we are frogs in a frying pan as the heat is slowly turned up on us.  The costs for GW products didn't seem too bad at first.  Then, the costs went up and up.  Now, no sane person could afford to get into their gaming systems.  And I have four different armies!  Look where it's gotten me? 


  1. Make a list of pros and cons in dealing with Games Workshop like I did, then make a decision.

    At the very least, stop buying GW stuff for now if you're not enjoying it.

    I do have a theory: one main reason why people don't dump GW is because they've invested A LOT of money in their product lines. And its hard to walk away from that sunk cost.

  2. Flames of war!!! All the cool kids are doing it! :p