Tuesday, December 4, 2012

28mm 1870 Painting Update

I spent the weekend working on a regiment of 28mm 1870 French Chassuers d'Afrique.  They are my light cavalry regiment.  I just have one mounted 16 figure regiment.  I'd like to also have a regiment of dismounted Chassuers d'Afrique for gaming purposes.  Maybe that will happen later.  For now, I'm putting together a second regiment of French cavlary.  The 8th French Cuirassiers are done. 

The Chassuers fought with the Armee d'Afrique.  They were the mounted infantry that fought with the French Foreign Legion.  A brigade of Chassuer d'Afrique were also massacred at Sedan on September 1, 1870 trying to break the German lines.  1st French Corps, 2nd Division is the order of battle for my 1870 French division.  I still have an entire 28mm brigade of French Zouaves and Turco infantry to paint.  Along with another battery of 1870 French artillery and command. 

That is in addition to the 28mm 1870 Bavarians and Prussian infantry I need to finish.  I look at this project and I question my sanity and resolve.  I'll be painting 28mm 1870 armies for at least the next seven months.  Maybe longer...

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