Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waiting on my Xmas toys

It's been one of those months.  I put together a rather large Old Glory Miniatures order with a friend for 25mm Trojan War armies at the beginning of this month.  He sent off the order.  It's nearly New Years Eve and neither of our figures have shown up yet at his house.  I want three days of my life back from Father Nurgle in his infinite wisdom sending me his Zombie Rot in the form of the flu.  I'm getting better.  However, my friend Don Cox came down with it, too. 

So I have nothing to report.  I spent Xmas night in bed.  I slept the next several days with a sinus infection and generally stayed away from my roommates.  I've done no painting or basing of figures.  I spent an evening writing out bills and watching NBA basketball.  So I thought I'd be into writing.  Alas, I've haven't sat down and written out an outline for a new sci-fi story.  The two speculative fiction novels I have are complete and in need of a copy editor.  2013 is the year I find one and get a literary agent and a publisher.  The good thing about my sci-fi worlds is GW can't sue me for copyright infringement.  I came up with something original.  It was a lot of work.  But I shouldn't cross blog about my sci-fi manuscripts.  That is for Bruckner, Writing, Orchids, and Relationships...

But I'm yearning to get back to painting in early January 2013.  I also want to devote time to writing a new novel.  Gaming related, I tried to rewrite a digital copy of my 20mm WWI house rules called No-Man's-Land.  It's too much work to get it onto a computer.  I lost my digital copy when my computer ran Windows 95.  All I have is about 200 pages of scenarios and rules for the Western and Eastern Fronts.  My next project after the 25mm Trojan War in 2014 is putting together Western Front 1914 forces for my 20mm rules.  It's a large undertaking.  But I feel it would be worth it for the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Yet, I dream big of another massive painting project.  I did that about fifteen years ago when Britannia Miniatures introduced their 20mm WWI range.  And I didn't like any of the commercial rules available at the time.  So I bastardized my own.  These will always stay house rules.  I don't ever intend to publish them.  But I like the way they play.  Fast and furious.  And very bloody.  Sapper Joe says its like playing with blocks because of the 80% casualty rate.  But does he claim to be a fan of the War of the Triple Alliance?  Didn't Paraguay suffer 90% casualty rates during their war with Brazil and Argentina? 

So I sit here waiting for my Xmas toys to get to me in St. Louis, MO.  I'm sick of being Father Nurgle's chief whipping boy...

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