Monday, December 17, 2012

Completing the basing of my 28mm FPW armies

I spent the weekend completing the basing of my 28mm FPW armies.  The French and Bavarian infantry are now based along with Bavarian and French artillery.  It was a lot of work.  I figure I must have prepped and based hundreds of figures.  I did it over the course of five days.  I got done with it last night. 

I went back and put the finishing touches on my 28mm 1870 Chasseurs d'Afrique cavalry regiment this morning.  I assume they were a light cavalry regiment.  Different authors have given me the impressions they were more mounted infantry.  But I'm using them as a light cavalry regiment. 

However, one of the problems I had was Foundry shorting me on 1870 Bavarian infantry command.  I'm going to have to get three more packs of 28mm 1870 Bavarian infantry command to complete my 1870 Bavarian infantry brigade.  I'm not sure about dismounted Chasseurs d'Afrique.  At this point, my 28mm 1870 French and German armies are complete.  The only thing lacking is light infantry.  But I've run out of room for any additional figures in my storage boxes! 

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