Saturday, December 15, 2012

How I defy probability and December projects

I am tired of losing WH40K games.  Wednesday was the last straw.  Afterward, I didn't want to play yesterday.  I didn't bother calling my friend who I normally play 40K on a weekly basis.  I guess he must be upset with me. 

Let me explain somethings.  As my friends such as Steve Hood (Combat Colours), Joe Collins (Sapper Joe), and Curtis Turner (Hostile Contact) can testify, I have the worst luck for dice rolling of anyone on the planet.  When I run my 40K Deathwing terminators, I need "2" or better on armor saves, I'll roll several ones.  I needed a "2" or better to hit with my Terminator captain and chaplain with their storm bolters.  I rolled four "1's"!  Then I needed a "3" or better to hit with my terminator's assault cannon on 4D6.  I rolled two "1's" and two "2's"!  Needless to say, things went downhill from there Wednesday evening.  I didn't feel like play 40K this weekend.  I don't feel like playing 40K the rest of the month.  My luck is consistantly bad.  If I need 10 or less on a morale roll, I'll roll "11" or "12". 

Statistics should be on my side.  I should be rolling at least average.  That doesn't happen on a consistant basis.  Let's say I won't be playing craps at a local casino anytime soon.  In fact, I won't be doing any gambling.  My luck is horrible.  Ask Hostile Contact about our 40K games?  Occasionally, my luck will turn around and I'll win.  But usually, it goes downhill.  It's like I've offended God or Satan and they've cursed my dice.  It doesn't matter what dice I roll.  They'll do awful for me whatever 40K game I'm playing.  People joke they don't me handling their dice in case I cursed them!  Anyway, I'm tired of losing 40K due to horrible dice rolls...

I spent the last several days basing 28mm Franco-Prussian figures.  I based an entire 28mm 1870 Bavarian infantry regiment this morning.  I come to find out Wargames Foundry only put four command in their command packs.  I'm short three command packs for my second regiment of 28mm 1870 Bavarian infantry.  That means I'll have to order more 28mm 1870 Bavarian infantry command from Wargames Foundry next month.  I'll also need to get two packs of dismounted 28mm 1870 Chassuers d'Afrique for my dismounted French infantry, too.  Small things like that kill me.  The second French infantry brigade was easy to assemble.  Everything got based except for the artillery stands.  That is on my to do list next!  Besides finishing up painting a 28mm French Chassuers d'Afrique cavalry regiment this coming week...


  1. Blake, I want to invite you to try out some of the Commands & Colors boardgames that a few of us in the area have converted to play with miniatures. They're hex-based games, and they do use dice for combat resolution, but they use a card-hand ordering system which will confound the best battle plans, or can make geniuses out of all of us. The upside of the C&C-type games, is that you can always blame the cards for your generalship (which is true), but this fact does allow players to deflect their game results, AND, since each game session only last a few hours each, then playing another round afterwards is often never out of the question. Being able to play a number of C&C game sessions in a single setting often means the luck of the card draw and the dice rolls can turn around. Also, the games themselves (even though we've transformed them into "3D"), set up and transport quickly, so the time invested in putting on a game or two is at a minimum (for a "miniatures" game). We're working up the idea of putting on a C&C-type battle games day for February at Game Nite, and this could be an opportunity to give one of our 3D-converted games a try. Besides Command & Colors Napoleonics, Battle Cry, Memoir '44, etc. (all Richard Borg designs), there's also Hold the Line and Clash for a Continent by Worthington Games which treat the AWI, FIW, and soon the Mexican American War. I'm thinking the Hold the Line game system would be able to work with your SYW figs perfectly. Just some thoughts for you to consider.

    1. Hiya Blake, I'm afraid I've got you beat for dice lice. My personal record was 14 "1"s on a D6 in a row. It was during "The Trojan War" by Metagaming and instead of just missing my attacks, a "1" means Attacker Eliminated. So about 33% of my army disappeared in one turn. It pretty much ended the game. During a WH Fantasy game it was turn 3 and my 58th Dark Elf to shoot before I killed a goblin. The first time I took my Chaos army to a tournament I rolled 7 out of 7 11 or 12's for my LD 10+ panic checks. Game over. While these are extreme examples, my dice have always hated me. And I met a girl who had a record of 16 "1"s in a row on D6. This is why I play different games to take a break from particular systems.
      This is also why I don't go to Vegas.
      As the ancient Aztecs used to say to newborns, "Suffer. Suffer and endure."