Friday, August 10, 2012

6th Edition WH40K Mechanics

I've played about six games of 6th edition WH40K.  I feel I can comment on it now.  The new rules favor shooting and infantry based vehicles.  Close assault and mechanized lists are going to penalized by the new mechanics.  I found this out when I played my Close Assault Blood Angels today against an infantry based Space Wolves list.  I literally lost every figure I had in my army.  I did get into close assault with the enemy.  My power weapons did little against Terminator army.  And my Sanguinary Guards 2+ armor save did little against AP 2 Power Fists and Chain Fists. 

I would have better off taking two tactical squads of marines instead of my Death Company that never got into combat.  They all got picked off by heavy weapons and melta-gun fire.  I do have options in my Blood Angel army.  I have an entire 6 man devastator squad of heavy weapons to replace my Sanguinor with.  I also have Furioso and Death Company Dreadnoughts.  I also have two unassembled Stormraven Gunships. 

A friend of mine suggested I go with two more tactical squads for my Blood Angels and scrap my Death Company assault squad.  He also commented on the new vehicle rules that don't allow for assaults out of vehicles when they are destroyed.  Rhinos are becoming nothing more than rolling coffins.  With the latest trick to take Imperial Guard allies with a space marine lists, people are taking Valkuries for flier support.  My Chaos and Dark Angels lists have no fliers.  I'd have to take a Blood Angel list for allies or use Blood Angels with Death Terminators for Allies if I want flyers in my armies.  The days of the mechanized Rhino rush are over, apparently...

That destroys my plans to mechanize my Tzneech and Khorne Beserker armies.  The only thing I could really use are the Land Raiders I bought for my Khorne Terminators.  These new 6th edition rules are just another cover to get you to buy more models and fliers.  I'm really not impressed by the amount of thought that went into these GW rules.  My friends could have designed a more playable and balanced rules system.  The problem is I have so much 40K stuff, I loathe to sell it all off or get into another game system.  So I trudge along with 6th edition 40K and all its poorly written special rules.  Mechanic wise, it's not bad.  I haven't played with the terrain deployment and challenges.  I don't see the point.  And I can live without them.  I don't like wound allocations. 

Here are some photos from today's game with Scott McCoy's Space Wolves:

                                         Blood Angel Assault Marines and Sanguinary Priest.

                                  Death Company Assault Marines closing in a Space Wolves Tactical Squad.

                                         My heavies:  Dante, the Sanguinor, and Sanguinary Guard.

                                         Full Strength Command Squad and HQ's.

                                          The only luck I had.  Finishing off a squad of Grey Hunters.

                                          What remained of HQ squad getting into combat with some Terminators.

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