Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sapper Joe's French And Indian War LARP

I now know why Combat Colours (Steve Hood) and Hostile Contact (Curtis Turner) are leery of Sapper Joe's (Joe Collins) play testing.  I thought we'd be playing a 15mm French and Indian War game.  Instead, it turned into a SYW LARP.  Sapper Joe gushed with all sorts of special rules and status for our Big Men.  Combat Colours and I had the Hurons leading their white women captives back to the village, while Curtis had the British militia and some allied Indians.  Once again, I just followed orders from my tribal leader, Steve, and escorted my captives off the table.  My other raiding party was held up by special cards Curtis played on me that delayed my captives and raiders getting off the board.  The militia got to shoot at me.  But I got into some woods and Steve played another special action card that got my Indian raiding party off the board. 

In the end it was a major victory for the Hurons over the evil Long Knives.  But Sapper Joe didn't like the way the game went.  He has the next incarnation of this scenario as the Indian village.  But I digress.  Sapper Joe didn't need all these special stats for our Big Men when we played Sharpes Practice.  All we really need is the basic game to have fun.  A lot of what happened was the action cards themselves (and the friction of war).  Steve and I got lucky again, and the British player got bushwacked.  Much to Sapper Joes's chagrin....

Here are some photos of the 15mm French and Indian War Raiding Party Game:

                                          Combat Color's War Party.

                                          Combat Colour's warpaint attacking British militia.

                                          British militia falling back.

                                          My raiding party evading the British.

                                          GM Sapper Joe (Joe Collins).

                                          My raiding party being caught up by the British militia.

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  1. Looks like another good game of SP. thank you for sharing the pics.