Friday, August 3, 2012

Finished Painting Projects for August 2012

Here are some photos of finished painting projects for August 2012:

                                          28mm 1870 French Cuirassier Regiment.

                                          28mm 1870 French Foreign Legion Regiment 1.

                                          28mm 1870 French Foreign Legion Regiment 2.

                                          WH40K Chaos Space Marines.

I still have one battery of 28mm 1870 French Artillery, one battery of 28mm French Mitrailleuse, and French mounted infantry command to prime and paint next.  However, this 28mm Franco-Prussian project for Chassepot and Needlegun is coming along.  Once the French infantry brigade is done, then it's time to move onto the 28mm 1870 Prussians... 

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