Saturday, August 18, 2012

Note from the Trenches...

I spent the week finishing a novel.  I've posting about that on another blog.  Now, I have the rough draft of a second novel done.  I am free to do painting.  I've spent the weekend getting storage supplies for my 25mm FPW armies together.  I spent money on a second storage container, several rolls of magnetic tape, a large bottle of Ca+ glue, and another X-acto knife.  It ran up.  I also purchased some 25mm 1870 French and Prussian Staff Sets from Foundry for my divisional command. 

During my week off from painting, I got another 28mm 1870 French infantry brigade from Askari Miniatures in the mail on Monday.  I put those figures in my rubbermaid storage container. 

I do have a quandary.  I sold a Thousand Sons army of mine that I'd bought on a lark locally back in July.  I already have WH40K Khorne World Eaters army with old school metal demons.  I also bought vehicles for them last year. The vehicles are in need of assembly.  I also have a Typhus model (unpainted).  I wouldn't mind putting together a Nurgle Space Marine army again.  What is holding me back is the cost of foam.  I priced Battlefoam for my Blood Angels.  It works out to $180.00 with shipping.  I could probably spend about another $150-200.00 on foam and cases for my Chaos vehicles and Ravenwing bike army if I went with Battlefoam, again.

Then there is the 40K flyers arms race.  I'm not happy about it.  I went to the local GW store today to see if I could find out if their vehicle carrying case would fit two stormravens.  I know a Blood Angel Stormraven uses about 5" of foam for one vehicle.  I have 2 Stormravens.  I notice everyone at the GW storm was running around with 2 pairs of fliers in an 1100 point army list.

Maybe Combat Colours (Steve Hood) is right.  "My name is Blake.  And I have problem with WH40K!" as my new support group.  I'm not enjoying the times I'm playing new 6th edition rules without flyers.  The company has added another level to what is needed to game WH40K.  The guys I'm gaming with are also running around with the newer Forge World toys.  I've also been on the receiving end of those items of joy. 

To make a long story short, I'm not happy playing WH40K.  I'm working on other projects, such as 25mm Franco-Prussian War.  W40K is taking a back burner to my other gaming.  At least, it should. 
My attention is focusing back to 28mm FPW.  I might stop playing 40K awhile until I can afford the new rules, boxed set of figures, flyers, and codexs for Dark Angels and Chaos.  I am not made of money.  And you can't play 40K if you're broke (as my younger sibling has found out to is chagrin). 

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