Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Siblings Will Do for Each Other

To make a long story short, my younger sibling is selling his remaining WH40K army off.  There is approximately about 6,000 points worth of stuff in his Chaos Space Marine Army.  All the figures are painted.  The only thing not painted is a second Tower of Tzneech.  I've just done a preliminary list of things in his army.  I'll have prices and photos of items later...

45 Thousand Sons Space Marines and Command
9 Thousand Sons Terminators and Chaos Lord
1 Daemon Prince
5 Thousand Son Rhinos
5 Thouand Son Vindicator Tanks
6 Thousand Son Obliterators
9 Chaos Chosen Space Marines (???)
2 Towers of Tzneech (One painted and the other primed)
Carrying cases and boxes

That is what I know off the top of my head.  I don't believe there are any demons besides the Daemon Prince figures (which is scratch built).  I'll have photos and prices later tomorrow on my blog.  My brother would like to get rid of everything in one lot rather than piece meal the figures out.  But I think Barry would be willing to deal on stuff in order to sell the figures for cash.

I'll have more tomorrow...

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