Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Note about 40K Figs

The WH40K figures I had for sale are no longer available.  My brother has decided to withdrawl them from the marketplace at this time.  I don't know when they might become available again.  I only had one serious offer.  That was too low for my brother's taste.  He decided in his wisdom to keep his Thousand Sons army.

This had been a point of contention with me at one point when he needed cash.  I thought about rounding out my Chaos Space Marine army with his figures.  When he didn't want to sell them, I bought another Thousand Sons army locally from another gamer who was getting out of 40K.  Right now is an excellent time if you are in the market for a 40K army.  It's a horrible time to sell if you're looking to get out of WH40K.  As a sell, you'd be lucky to get 40% of what you paid for your army retail.  This has been a driving force for me to keep my current round of 40K armies. 

When I played 40K back in the Rogue Trader and 2nd edition 40K days, I only had an Eldar army. 

Now I have Dark Angels' Deathwing, Dark Angels Ravenwing, Blood Angels, Traitor Guard, and Chaos Space Marines.  I wouldn't mind having a Nurgle Plague Marine army, too.  Right now, I just have Thousand Sons and Khorne World Eaters Marines.  I gave some serious thought to getting rid of my 40K stuff.  But I'd take a blood bath on losses if I sold everything off.  Hence, I keep what I own and just plan to paint up what I have NIB and primed in the coming year. 

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