Thursday, August 9, 2012

Massive WH40K Thousand Sons Sale

Hi, I got the actual figure count and photos of what my brother wants to sell.  It is as follows:

45 Thousand Son figures with command
9 Regular Chaos Space Marine Tactical Squad
9 Chosen Chaos Marines
9 Possessed Chaos Space Marines
9 Raptor Chaos Space Marines
8 Thousand Son Terminators and 1 Terminator Lord
7 Thousand Son Rhinos
3 Chaos Obliterators
2 Towers of Tzneech (1 painted in need or some minor repair and 1 partially painted)
1 Large Demon Prince/Daemon Lord
Carry Case and Boxes for the army

My brother couldn't the other stuff that went with the army.  So I'm selling what is here.  Here are photos:

                                          Daemon Prince/Demon Lord

                                          Towers of Tzneech

                                          Thousand Terminators and Terminator Lord

                                          Chaos Obliterators

                                          Thousand Sons Rhinos

                                          Individual Thousand Son Rhino

                                          More Thousand Sons Rhinos

                                          Thousand Sons Group 1 Photo

                                          Thousand Sons Group 2 Photo

                                          Possessed/Chosen Chaos Space Marines

                                          Raptor Chaos Space Marines
I'm wanting $530.00 for the entire army.  That includes shipping in the continental United States of America.  Buyers outside the continental US are welcome.  Just please contact me about international shipping/or shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.  My email is

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Would it be possible to just buy the thousand son squads?